Our Foundation carries its name in honor of the battle of ISSOS. This armed conflict was waged between the Macedonian and Persian Armies in the year 333 BCE. After Alexander the Great's victory, ISSOS was the jumping-off point for the development of Western Culture, which brought with it the principles of Individual Liberty to the world. Today, in Paraguay, a group of libertarians gathers to fight a different form of battle towards the same ideal of Liberty. "To sow in our country and wherever our voice may reach the same ideal of Liberty..." To free every single mind secluded in ignorance because we believe that Liberty is the base of personal, national, and world development.

Thus, The ISSOS Foundation for Liberty and Development is born...

Our statement of principles, which identifies with the Founding Fathers of the Republic of Paraguay. Here the principles of the pursuit of happiness, the right to life, private property, and liberty are depicted...



Our Foundation is formed with the goal of promoting, stimulating, and consolidating studies regarding Paraguay's and the world's state of affairs, guided by the principles of liberty in its broadest as well as its economic, social, and political sense.



We envision the development of Paraguayan society based on the principles of the founding fathers of the Republic of Paraguay, Dr. Fernando de la Mora, Capt. Pedro Juan Caballero, and Capt. Fulgencio Yegros, reflected in the ideals of the pursuit of happiness, liberty, and private property.



Developing strategies to make ISSOS the foremost Non-government Libertarian organization in Paraguay. Financially independent. Renowned nationally and internationally with an efficient impact in the instruction and education of citizens and active participants of political decisions in our country.


Attorney and MA in Political Sciences. Dean of the School of Law and International Relations at Universidad UNIDA.


University professor, psychologist, psychopedagogue and philosopher.


Network and System specialist, Paraguayan law student.


Treasurer, Notary Public, Paraguayan.


BA in Communication and Documentalist.




These events represent a space where ideas and their impact towards the advancement of civilization are discussed, focusing on the dangers that threaten liberty, but above all else, contributing with innovations for the socioeconomic development of the country and the world. We are used to having panelists from around the world who share with us both their academic and life experience in the various fields they are part of.


Our program for the institutional betterment of Paraguay through education, fostered and instituted by the Issos Foundation, consists in the cost-free technical training of all parties interested in improving their academic level. All this is done with the aim to improve aspects of Paraguay's institutions such as the quality of constituents and candidates, knowledge of the roles of the State, roles of politics, policy makers and civil society, the economy and sustainable development, law, institutions, power, democracy, education, scientific research for the advancement of knowledge, and all the elements that make up the prosperous development of a nation.


Inspired by the ancient Hellenic schools, the Platonic Academy or Aristotle's Lyceum, where education was not a formal institution as we know it today, but rather an informal society of intellectuals that shared a common interest in study of subjects such as philosophy, mathematics, and astronomy.

With this in mind, we seek to provide people access to quality education absent of limiting bureaucracy. For example, we aim to help housewives, farmhands, or construction workers learn about economy, philosophy, psychology, or art just as they were at the dawn of western civilization so that they may transmit these teachings with their peers, thus building a solid circle of accessible education.


This is the Issos Foundation's network of intellectuals, all graduates of it. Myrmidons are trained disseminators of ideas and quintessential leadership trainers. Myrmidons are mentioned in Homer's Iliad and were the fierce defenders of the West, who have inspired our fight for liberty.


This is an ambitious project that seeks to open the minds of its participants through subjective education, where the use of reason upstages the use memory. These courses are carried out at Universities, Political Parties, and other Institutions that wish to do so.

Our Institute - Menger Institute

The Menger Institute belongs to the Issos Foundation. It is the first Institute in Paraguay to focus on in higher studies and research of Praxeology and Human Action.

Our fields will encompass economy and law, among which will stand out: the economic analysis of law, Catallactics, business cycles, among others belonging to the Vienna School. The institute, which on top of holding agreements with local and international Universities, has a faculty comprised of national and international professors of the highest intellectual status.

Why donate to the Issos Foundation?

Building an open-minded, where the production of wealth can reach everyone, is not only a material need, but also a moral imperative. This hinges on the ideas of economic freedom gaining ground. Moreover, the Issos Foundation produces trainers, carries out talks and courses to bring ideas to the most vulnerable communities that will bring them out of poverty and social exclusion.

For more information, reach out to Teresa Vera at +595 981 845586.

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